Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We need a miracle for our baby Zander

We need a miracle for our baby Zander

 Two weeks ago my granddaughter took her baby, Zander, my great grandson in for his 6 months check up
When she saw the doctor he ask why she was holding his head up and she said because he can't hold it up very long by himself. The doctor walked my granddaughter, Melissa and Zander across the parking lot to the ER. They admitted him and did blood tests, MRI and CAT scan if his neck and spine. The said all the test came back normal but were waiting for two of the test that would probably not be in for at least 10 days. They sent him home.

Last Saturday he stopped breathing and my granddaughter gave him CPR and called 911. He was rushed to the hospital. They put in a breathing tube and did more CAT Scans and another MRI and a chest Xray. The Xray showed pneumonia. They had to intubate and sedate him so the breathing machine can work for him.

Yesterday morning the pediatrician said that with all the tests and all the doctors that have looked at Zander's case and with the tests that have finally come in he has  MSA Muscular Spinal Atrophy. There are three types of this disease. Type 1 which usually affects babies up to two years old and the life expectancy is two years due to respiratory complications such as pneumonia. Type 2 is not as serious but with many complications and life expectancy is longer. Type 3 is the least serious and life expectancy is a full one.

The last test came in and Zander has Type 1. My granddaughter and her husband have to decide weather to put him on life support for as long as his little life will be or to remove all tubes and let "nature take its course". How does a parent decide something as heart wrenching as this?

God preforms miracles. He has made the blind see, the crippled walk, healed leprosy and made crazy people sane. I know this is Satan and I cannot tell you how much I hate Satan. How dare he attack this sweet little baby!! I am praying that God will give us a miracle and push Satan out of the way and save our baby Zander.

Up until two weeks ago he was a happy healthy baby and now according to the doctors he is dying.
The panel of doctors that have seen Zanders case along with a genetic specialist will be meeting with Melissa and Justin tomorrow to go over this disease and the options that they, as parents have.

We are all devastated and heartbroken. It is so hard to see my granddaughter in such pain and her daddy, my Son and Zander's Grandfather is a mess. He feels so helpless that he is not able to fix this for his baby girl.

They have a two year old daughter (Ava June) that was there when all of this happened and she ask her Mommy on the phone if brother was dying. Bless her heart, how did she know about death and dying. She saw a counselor yesterday.

I am going out to Vegas to be with my family on Thursday. My heart is so heavy right now.
There are many prayers going up for Zander so I am prying that God will hear them and give us a miracle. That is the only thing that will save this baby. I am asking for Prayers for the family too. We have to be strong for Melissa and Justin and this is going to be so very hard.
Thank you all

Please pray with everything you have.

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