Thursday, October 23, 2008

Creative Souls Group
A diverse gathering of creative souls~ artists~ music~ writers~ creative people
This month's featured artist winner is..... Bernice Wagnitz!!!!!!

I would like to thank those of you that truly feel this honor should be bestowed upon me.
As I mentioned to Izabella, I have not been published, my art has not been in any galleries or even sold on etsy or ebay. My art is my own expression of my inner feelings bursting with the excitement that this new medium (digital) has brought me.
I have only been doing my digital works for a mere few weeks. I don't have the newest programs and aids that would allow me to take my art further. What I do have is a very old program that my computer seems to think is a virus and wants to destroy. LOL
What my digital art has done for me is to allow me to finally create after such a long time of not doing any art. It's been 11 years since I last did a painting or a sketch. The joy my art once gave me left me suddenly with the loss of my family. It has been a long road back and not an easy one.
Joy left my life along with the joy I felt in creating and for too many years it brought sadness instead of joy. Sadness because I associated so much of the joy with my daughter, my muse, my biggest supporter and the reason I kept doing my art.
The digital art, being so different from what I had done in the past brought back that joy I had once felt. It excited me and gave me my voice back; it allowed me to shout with color and expression again.
I am an artist, these words don't come easy for I am just learning that to be an artist one doesn’t have to be published or have their art hang in galleries. To be an artist one only has to do what comes from the deepest feelings they feel inside. The need to create, to take the feelings and give them a medium to express themselves. I do my art because I feel my art and for no other reason. It is an outward expression of what my inner feelings are.

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