Sunday, April 18, 2010

Everyone is so sad

Well the news is out, most of us know by now that the Ning network is shutting all of our Free sites down sometime in May.
Like so many of us, I belong to almost 10 ning groups, all of which I love for their own uniqueness. Each offers something new to experience and new friends to meet.

While most of the grouups I'm in are all trying to figure out what there going to do, charge a fee to belong or move to another free site, like Yahoo groups.

My main Ning group is Creative Souls and I don't want to have it change. Izabella has put so much into the making of such a warm and welcoming group. I have my own group on her wonderful group site, Sharing Techniques. I sure don't want to see all the hard work I've done go away or to try and transfer all that information from all 222 of my members. I can't imagine how Izabella feels with over 2 thousand members.

We're all in a state of limbo for now, waiting to see what is going to happen in May. I for one am going to start to save as many of my groups techniques in the hopes that they will not be lost if things go the wrong way for us all.

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