Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pure Energy

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  1. This is beautiful Bernie. Hope you're doing well. (I was just over at zne and found your blog site) Cheers

  2. Bernice: You don't know what your comment on my blog meant to me. I also got a beautiful one from Susan Tuttle. My blog doesn't get much traffic. It's really more for me and my close friends to read my journal. I am an open book when it comes to my world and I love sharing photos on Flickr. I try to look at as many of the works of those who are my contacts but have to limit myself since there are only so many hours in the day. Thank you so much again for being there, listening when I call and REALLY caring. Real caring is such alost art in today's world and that is what affected me negatively about the Convenzione. I noticed people weren't really listening; they are too preocuppied with themselves. Oh well. No more dwelling on that. I prefer the light. Hugs, your friend Constanza. And, last but not least, your difital art is just spectacular. I literally love all of them! Love you.

  3. Bernice I truly love your photoshop artwork. It is inspiring and vibrant!

  4. This is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing, for being "real," for sharing so much of yourself, for baring your soul, and for teaching us that one doesn't have to sell art or be published to be an "artist." Thank you for inspiring me to unfurl my wings and soar!!!


    Anita Van Hal